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Key Stage 2

All children are engaged and inspired at Middlestown Primary Academy to achieve their full potential. In Key Stage 2 the curriculum has been developed to foster the interests of each and every one of our pupils through a carefully planned curriculum, aimed to excite and enhance learning. Through exciting topics our children are all taught the core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT, as well as Physical Education, Religious Education, Design and Technology, Art, Music, History and Geography. In addition to this we focus on SEAL- Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning, which enable children to focus on their achievements, goals and the difficulties which they may be faced with.

 Years 3/4

In years 3 and 4, children are expected to work with more independence and concentration. The children have many exciting projects to complete, which reflect their growing independence and changing interests.

In years 3 and 4 the children learn about the early settlers of Britain and the Romans. They also have the opportunity to visit Manchester Airport and explore a real plane to find out about why so many people choose to visit the Mediterranean. After learning about why people choose to visit other countries they also learn about why Leeds is such a cool place to live!

In addition to this, the children also learn about the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks and their gruesome histories, including a visit to Bagshaw museum.

The following attachments detail the topics that Year 3 and 4 will be covering.

Year 3 4 Year A 20142015

Year 3 4 Year B 20152016

Years 5/6

These are the final years in school and the children are expected to take on new responsibilities as they write the school newspaper and represent their house as house captains.

Throughout these years the children study a range of fascinating topics including the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the Second World War. As part of this learning they have the opportunity to visit Dane Law to be a real Viking for the day and Eden Camp, where they are able to explore and investigate a different Britain with ration books. Alongside all of these opportunities the children are also able to visit London to investigate where the water we drink comes from and hop on the London Eye!

Finally year 6 are able to visit Kingswood where they can build further relationships and work as teams to complete exciting tasks and experience thrills on zipwires!

All these opportunities provided throughout Key Stage 2 prepare children for their future and help children to feel secure and ready for the next stage in their lives.

The following attachments detail the topics that Year 5 and 6 are following.

Year 5 6 Year A 20142015

Year 5 6 Year B 20152016