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New assessment arrangements have been brought in this year to change from levels to year group expectations.

There are now a list of statements that children are expected to achieve by the end of each year in Spoken Language, Reading, Writing and Mathematics.   The children have to achieve all of the applicable statements for their year group for them to be working at the expected level of development.  If they don’t achieve these statements then they are classed as emerging and if they have met them all then they can work towards exceeding statements.

The expectations have changed considerably in all year groups and the expectations are higher than before e.g. all children must know the times tables up to X12 by the end of year 4.  It is also important to mention that a child in Year 5, whilst trying to meet the new expectations for year 5 is also playing catch up as these new expectations only came in at the beginning of September 2014.

Year 2 and Year 6 (SATS years) will continue with levels for one more year and then next year will change to year group expectations.

The teachers have spent a lot of time making assessment grids in line with the new assessment arrangements and have also converted the statements so that the children will be able to understand them an can self assess against each statement. The ‘child friendly’ statements for writing and maths will be placed in the front of each literacy and numeracy book so that the children can refer to them.

At the end of each term you will be provided with a grid to inform you on how your child is doing and how many statements they have achieved so far.  It will also tell you how many statements there are in total so you can easily see how many they still need to achieve.   A copy of the statements for each year group have been sent home so that you can get a better idea of what is expected for each year group.  If you did not receive a copy or need a new one please contact the school office on 01924 278290.

I hope this explains the new assessment arrangements.  If you have any questions please see your child’s class teacher.