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Pupil Premium Spending

Pupil premium is primarily spent on three main areas; interventions, resources and enrichment. Firstly, the school spends money on quality interventions, delivered by highly skilled members of staff, who ensure children make progress through extra interventions delivered before school and throughout the school day. Secondly, pupil premium money is spent on the resources needed to deliver interventions to the highest quality. Finally, pupil premium money is spent on enrichment activities, which aim to improve reading, writing and maths through visits from poets and lead professionals in maths and literacy. There are more details of how this money is spent on our spreadsheet for pupil premium.

Pupil Premium Impact

At Middlestown, our pupil premium spending is monitored termly, to assess whether the interventions and resources are having an impact on the children. We monitor whether each intervention is making a difference and alter our spending to ensure that interventions and resources which have the biggest impact are the interventions which are used most frequently. For further information on pupil premium spending please see the Pupil Premium Spending April 2013-April 2014 and Pupil Premium Costs April 2014-April 2015.