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Sports Premium Funding 2015-2016

In the academic year September 2015 to July 2016 Middlestown Primary Academy will receive a total of £8,910 in order to improve PE and Sports Provision. £5,197 of this was paid to the school in October 2015 and the remainder will be paid at the end of April 2016.

PE Provision 2015-2016

A summary of how the funding will be or has been spent is as follows:

  • Contribution to the funding of a Sports Co-ordinator from Horbury Academy who will be in charge or organising and running the Horbury pyramid of school sports festivals. It is important that children compete with their peers from different schools; it prepares them for competitions in life. More importantly, it gives them opportunities to work as a team and to feel truly part of the Middlestown team. For Key stage 2 children it gives them an insight into sport at their high school and many of them inspire to become sport leaders at Horbury Academy.
  • Professional coaches to provide specialist teaching at afterschool clubs in football, dance, archery and athletics. The use of professionals also allows the children can see what the sport has to offer, and to see a role model within the sport. We are also exploring other options for after school clubs to ensure that the children have a variety to choose from.
  • Professional coaches to assist in teaching the Curriculum. Teachers can improve their PE coaching and have a better understanding of how children learn within different areas of physical activity by watching professionals from that area of sport.
  • A number of professional coaches to provide coaching during sports week to provide a variety of sports to children during National Sports week – this allows children to participate in sports that they may not visit in the curriculum or at a later age. The use of professionals also allows the children can see what the sport has to offer, where they can begin the sport and to see a role model within the sport.
  • To provide the Sports Leader Programme to all pupils in Year 6.
  • New sports equipment to replace equipment and to expand the range of equipment, exposing the children to additional activities.

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For a detailed breakdown of this expenditure please see the document entitled Sports Premium Spend 2015-2016