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Year 6 and The Mayan’s
In year 6 the children were set two DT projects this half term, making a Mayan Calendar and also a Mayan Temple.  They all put in super efforts to make the best models they possibly could!! They used difficult materials and equipment they had never used before.
Lucy Walker Runner Up Mayan Temple Charlotte Bottomley Mayan Calendar Ben Harrod Edwards Runner Up Mayan Temple Amy Brook Winner Mayan Temple Adam Luke Mayan Calendar
Before making the Calendars the children had to understand the use of a Mayan Calendar which is very complicated, however once making their own they all have a very good understanding of it. They had to use compasses to draw their circles, cut carefully around their cardboard circles and use a fine saw to cut their wooden dowel.
The Mayan Temple competition was a homework challenge and many children excelled! We had Mayans made from wood, conkers, cardboard, lego and even spaghetti!! Thank you to those parents who encouraged their children to make such brilliant models!